Tiger ‘eats man after dragging him off toilet in Russian village’


Tiger 'eats man after dragging him off toilet in Russian village'

A tiger is believed to have attacked and wounded a man before dragging him off the toilet into the forest.

Logger Mikhail Shabaldin, 41, was sitting on the toilet while at work in a Russian village before he vanished.

At the scene in Khabarovsk, tiger footprints were seen. Also, the missing man’s bloodied clothes and innards were seen scattered across the floor.

A terrifying video of Mikhail’s shocked colleague reacting to pieces of toilet paper and even the missing man’s bloodied clothes and organs has been shared online.

Shabaldin is believed to have been attacked as he left his temporary accommodation near a logging site in Khabarovsk region to go to the toilet at night.

A search is underway but locals admit there is little prospect of finding the logger alive.

Shabaldin was on a 15-day logging shift when he was attacked.

His wife Elena has been informed about the horrific incident.

Mikhail’s friend said he’s certain the logger was eaten by a tiger.

He said: “He was killed by a tiger, this is a fact. His body has not been found yet.”

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