Afghan Women all over the world start online trend posing in beautiful Traditional clothes to protest against Taliban’s black hijab order (photos)


Afghan Women all over the world start online trend posing in beautiful Traditional clothes to protest against Taliban's black hijab order (photos)

Scores of Afghan Women all over the world have started the #DoNotTouchMyClothes, #AfghanistanCulture trend to share photographs of traditional Afghan attire on social media, highlighting the richness of their culture after the Taliban ordered all women to wear black hijab covering their bodies from head to toe.

Ever since the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the country has started discrimination against women and young girls reminiscent of the regressive and brutal regime of the Taliban pre – 2001.

Since the Taliban restarted a new regime last month, women have been strictly ordered to wear hijab when in public, while those attending private universities are mandated to wear an abaya robe and niqab covering most of the face.

Now several Afghan women all over the world have started an online campaign by posting photographs of themselves in traditional Afghan attire to show that Afghan women are beautiful and colourful.

One user wrote, ”Best thing on Twitter today is Afghan women protesting against Taliban diktat on attire and also perhaps challenging every stereotypical imagery of the Afghan woman in a black full veil by posting pictures in their traditional dress!”

A second user wrote, ”I wear my traditional Afghan dress proudly. It’s colourful and beautiful. Not at all like the images you saw circulating yesterday.” Another commented, ”This protest is beautiful. Stunning and full of colour, these clothes tell a story, and it’s one of joy, pride and beauty. Of a culture that deserves to be celebrated not covered over and choked in darkness.”

See more pictures and tweets below.

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