Author banned from Facebook for ‘calling out creep who told her to do porn’

Author banned from Facebook for ‘calling out creep who told her to do porn’

Author and psychologist, Dr Jessica Taylor has narrated how she was banned from Facebook after calling out a 'creep' who asked her to do porn with his wife.

The man made the comment after Jessica in a post about lesbian visibility to her 40,000 followers, shared pictures of her kissing and on holiday with wife Jaimi, whom she married in May.

The 30-year-old author who accused the social media giant of being ‘okay’ with men harassing women online, said the man 'told her and Jaimi to do porn’.

Jessica's response of ‘Never in a million years you f***** creep’, prevented her from posting for 24 hours for breaking Facebook’s community standards on harassment and bullying.

Speaking to Metro UK, she said;

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‘Men can send me what they like and when I report them, nothing is ever done.

‘But they report me for telling them to f*** off and I’m banned instantly. It’s disgusting.’

‘A few years back, I was banned from Twitter for the same reason. A man tweeted me that he would rape me, so I tweeted back and called him a “coward” and I was banned for 24 hours for “offensive hate speech”.

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