Two married police officers ignored call-outs to have x in their police car while on duty

Two married police officers ignored call-outs to have sex in their police car while on duty

Two police officers identified as Sgt Molly Edwards and PC Richard Paton have been exposed for ignoring call-outs to a hospital and a burglary, to have x in their police car while on duty.

The Sun reported that the affair between the officers who are both married with kids, was exposed after suspicious bosses bugged the vehicle.

A disciplinary panel was told that 39-year-old Paton was heard moaning “aww, let’s just get naked”, after an urgent 4.51am radio request for assistance at an electrical store burglary.

It was also learnt that they ignored a 4:17am call to take two victims of a serious assault outside a nightclub to a hospital, even though they were parked up 15 minutes away having x.

The Independent disciplinary board chairman, John Bassett said in an adjudication report;

“It is evident from the transcripts of what occurred after the call that xual activity continued.”

The panel heard secret recordings in the patrol car captured “verbal expressions of xual fantasies” by the two officers, who were based in the Surrey Heath area. The report said their xual activity “clearly involved the removal of some of their clothing, kissing,” as well as the exposure of her breasts and him pleasuring her.

The officers who have denied having full intercourse resigned from Surrey Police before last month’s tribunal, but it still went ahead in their absence. They were found guilty of four allegations of gross misconduct which were proven, and the panel said they would have been sacked if still in the job.

The first count alleges that they “engaged in xual activity whilst on duty in a police vehicle in a public space” between June and September 2019.

Reacting to the allegation, Molly Edwards insisted xual activity only took place over two days while the car was bugged.

Commenting on the affair in her resignation letter, Molly said;

“It wasn’t always xual in that sometimes it could be just holding hands.

“I enjoyed the time we had together, but became aware what we were doing was wrong and would say to him we should put a stop to it.”

The panel concluded there was not enough evidence to prove the affair had been going on for three months, as alleged, but ruled it started at least three weeks beforehand.

The second charge referred to them failing to attend calls-outs at Frimley Park Hospital and Currys in Woking.

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While Edwards claimed they could not attend the hospital as they had dealt with the nightclub assaults earlier with a risk of evidence being contaminated, the panel ruled they did not want x to be interrupted.

The panel held that it is “a serious dereliction of duty” that “would be considered as outrageous” by the public.

Edwards and Paton were thirdly accused of misleading their boss over rumours of the affair and PC Paton was heard making a racist comment about an Asian colleague. Both officers were accused of breaching Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of discreditable conduct, honesty and integrity.

The panel also noted that Edwards had been an excellent officer and was awarded a Divisional Commendation in 2015 for her “valiant actions” in tackling a violent drunk stealing food from a Guildford restaurant.

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