Woman who married gay man despite knowing his sexuality says they are happy


Woman who married gay man despite knowing his sexuality says they are happy

A Mormon couple claim they’re happily married even though the husband is gay and told his wife three weeks into dating.

Nicholas and Jordan Applegate, both 23, are devout members of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints.

They were childhood sweethearts and they rekindled their relationship last year.

Then, Nicholas opened up to Jordan about his attraction to men but this didn’t deter her from carrying on with the relationship.

The pair wed in a church ceremony last November, just months after Nicholas revealed that he’s gay. They are expecting their first baby next month.

Nicholas and Jordan, from Arizona, USA, describe their marriage as “happy” and “normal”.

Nicholas believes he can suppress his sexuality in order to stick to his religious beliefs.

Nicholas realised he was gay at the age of 12 and was initially nervous to tell Jordan the truth.

He said: “It wasn’t a topic that we talked about. I was still really young so it wasn’t really a big thing at the time.

“When I started growing up, I started to realise how it would impact my life but I decided to ignore it.

“In the church, we don’t start dating until we’re older and we believe in no sexual relations before marriage.

“I decided that before I started dating that I wanted to stay within the church and follow the principles.

“I was really nervous and I didn’t know how Jordan was going to take it.”

He continued: “She was definitely shocked and wasn’t anticipating it but I wanted to make sure that Jordan knew the situation before we went further emotionally.

“After I told her, I asked her to go away and process it on her own rather than in front of me so she went and talked it over with her parents.

“Then she decided that she was ok with it because she just wanted someone who would commit to her.”

Jordan added: “Neither of us knew exactly how things would work.

“I remember feeling lost and trying to find any stories of others in our similar situation but we knew that it was right to get married, despite our opposing sexual orientations.”

In a Facebook post, Nicholas spoke candidly about his sexuality and why he chose to marry Jordan.

He said: “We’re both really happy and I wouldn’t change my decision. It’s definitely a happy and normal marriage.

“We have a lot in common, we both love music, we love to sing, watch TV together, go to the movies and go out to eat.

“We communicate very well so it’s a very intimate and emotional relationship.

“A lot of people at the church were quite surprised when they found out that I’m gay but they were mainly impressed at the sacrifice I’m making.”

Jordan, a software company worker, who is currently pregnant, said: “My life has never been better than it has been married to Nick.

“He is the sweetest man I have ever known, loves me unconditionally, and is the best partner I could have asked for.

“When we started talking about having children, we both got so excited to think that we would be starting our own little family.

“With our baby just two months away, we couldn’t be more ecstatic.

“This is the life we both have prayed for, and it is the one we choose.”

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  1. "I was really nervous and I didn't know how Jordan was going to take it." This I think would be an issue. And, "This is the life we both have prayed for, and it is the one we choose."

    Sorry, but I cannot believe anyone would pray for this life given all the alternatives I could imagine.

    Why pray to be gay and then ignore it and marry a woman? However, if you got her pregnant (an assumption albeit) then how did that work. Just curious seeing how you threw everything else out there…



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