Final words of death row inmate, Ernest Lee Johnson, before he was killed is revealed


Final words of death row inmate, Ernest Lee Johnson, before he was killed is revealed

A murderer who was executed on death row last night, October 5, wrote a shocking final statement before he was executed.

The infamous Ernest Lee Johnson, 61, was pronounced dead at 6.11pm local time on Tuesday, October 5, after being given a lethal injection in Bonne Terre, Missouri.

He was handed a death sentence for killing three Missouri corner shop employees with a hammer during a robbery in February 1994.

Johnson came home covered in blood, having told his crack dealer he would be robbing the store. His victims were 46-year-old Mary Bratcher, Fred Jones (58) and Mabel Scruggs, 57.

In the hours leading up to his death, the convict penned a short letter in which he told his family he loved them and told them “I know where I’m going”.

He added that he is “going to heaven” because he had asked God to forgive him.

The statement, released by local news journalist Kathryn Merck on Twitter, also sees him thank his lawyer, who he said made him “feel love as if I was family to them”.

His final statement reads: “I am sorry and have remorse for what I do. I want to say that I love my family and friends, I am thankful of all that my lawyer has done for me.

“They made me feel love as if I was family to them, I love them all, for all the people that has prayed for me I thank them from the bottom of my. I love the Lord with all my heart and soul.

“If I am executed I know where I am going to heaven. Because I ask him to forgive me God everyone. Whit respected Ernest L Johnson (sic).”

Johnson’s case had attracted huge controversy over the years, as supporters and experts said he should be excluded from the death penalty because of his intellectual difficulties.

Pope Francis even begged for clemency on his behalf.

A spokesman for the Pope said that he wished “to place before you the simple fact of Mr Johnson’s humanity and the sacredness of all human life”.

However, Johnson’s sentence was upheld by the US Supreme Court on Monday, October 4, after a last-minute appeal for a stay of execution.

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  1. This pope is a JOKE!
    Sacredness of life…ha!
    This ANIMAL smashed the brains out of 4 people's skulls with a hammer…
    3 people watched the first one…then two…then one…
    Have YOU ever seen this?
    I have…
    F that piece of $hit!
    HE should have died the SAME way!

    Burn in hell!


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