Former White House press secretary accuses Trump of wanting to get a look of attractive young aide's butt

Former White House press secretary accuses Trump of wanting to get a look of attractive young aide's butt

Stephanie Grisham, a former White House press secretary has accused former US President Donald Trump of wanting to get a look of an attractive young aide's butt while she worked with him.

The former White House press secretary under Trump who is famous for holding zero press briefings, made the claims in her book which will be out on Tuesday October 5. She also disclosed that she tried to keep Trump away from the press wrangler he allegedly took a liking to.

In the excerpt of the book titled “I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in the Trump White House” which was obtained by TMZ, Grisham alleged that Trump was ogling the young woman from the day he first laid eyes on her.

She wrote;

"I began to notice that he was taking an unusual interest in a young, highly attractive press wrangler on my team ... What I do know is that he behaved inappropriately. And, since the woman worked for me, I tried to protect her and keep his unusual interest in her under wraps."

Grisham added that Trump often asked her about the woman, and when he wanted the aide to see him on Air Force One, she made sure they weren’t left alone because “the whole thing never felt quite right.”

The former WH press secretary said things allegedly got weird on one trip she missed. She claimed that Trump asked how the woman was doing before instructing his staff to bring her to his office cabin so he could get a look at her butt.

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Admitting that she doesn’t know if anything happened between Trump and the woman, Grisham however stated that she came close to telling Melania about her husband’s alleged behavior before ultimately being “too chickens***.”

See the excerpt below..........................

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