Madonna goes wild on TV causing host Jimmy Fallon to cover her up with jacket

Madonna shocked fans when she pulled up her dress on live TV and showed the audience and viewers her underwear.

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The 63-year-old singer was a guest on The Tonight Show.

During the show, she begins gyrating on talk show host Jimmy Fallon's desk while he begs her to stop.

The Like A Virgin superstar then leaps from her chair into full view of the audience after he tells her "oh, yeah, you get in good trouble!".

She then replies "No one's gonna see anything, my god!", before pulling up her dress to flash the camera.

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While the crowd cheers and lets out audible gasps, host Jimmy laughs and winces, and then throws a jacket over her back to cover her up.

The incident caused quite the stir on social media, and some have called the wild moment "embarrassing".

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