See the battered face of ‘UK’s worst rapist’ after one of his 200 male victims fought back


See the battered face of 'UK’s worst rapist' after one of his 200 male victims fought back

A never-seen-before mugshot shows a serial rapist, Reynhard Sinaga, 38, with two black eyes and bruising across his face after one of his victims fought him back.

Sinaga, known as the ‘UK’s most prolific serial rapist’ regularly prowled the streets of Manchester hunting for lone drunk men and is believed to have attacked more than 200 men, as police didn’t detect him for a decade.

He regularly posed as a good Samaritan to help men who are drunk, then he would offer them a place to sleep in his house – before slipping drugs into their drinks and filming himself as he raped them while they were unconscious.

According to BBC Two documentary ‘Catching a Predator’, many of his victims left his flat unaware they had been raped but one day he got more than he bargained for when one of his victims woke up as he was on top of him.

He beat Sinaga off with several punches before snatching the predator’s phone and fleeing.

The victim’s call to police triggered an astonishing investigation that resulted in Sinaga being jailed for a minimum of 40 years after being convicted of 159 sexual offences.

Police say they discovered horrific videos and images of the attacks on his phone.

One of his victims, named Daniel has waived his anonymity – the first of Sinaga’s victim to do so for the BBC Two documentary.

He says he woke up not knowing where he was after going to the toilet in an alleyway while on a night out for his birthday in Manchester back in 2015.

Daniel said: ‘Then I saw someone’s feet walking round and I just froze. And then they left the room and I just got up and ran out the door.’

Speaking of the moment he was shown the images of the sexual abuse, he said: ‘It is just horrible to see yourself that vulnerable in photographs that someone else has taken. You can see I am comatose… I look dead.’

Det Sgt Kimberley Hames-Evans, who worked on the investigation, says watching footage of victims being sexually abused was ‘horrendous’.

Part of her job was to travel across UK, and overseas, to tell victims what had happened to them in the knowledge that it would ‘ruin their lives’.

She said: ‘They just went very quiet and you [could] see the colour drain from their face. Just an “oh my God’ look on their face.”.

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