Boxer Viktor Kotochigov suffers burns from acid attack after men 'break into his hotel room’

Boxer Viktor Kotochigov suffers burns from acid attack after men 'break into his hotel room’

Kazakh boxer Viktor Kotochigov has suffered burns to his body following an acid attack by a group of men that broke into his hotel room.

The 28-year-old was staying in the UK as he continued his preparations for a bout in England and was also supporting his friend Tursynbay Kulakhmet, who lost to Juan Carlos Abreu last Friday.

However, Kotochigov was attacked with an "acid-like substance" while in his hotel room and has been left with burns to his arms, torso, neck and face as a result.

The former WBC lightweight champion took to social media to tell fans of the ordeal.

Kotochigov wrote on Instagram: "The England camp was a bit unlucky for me. Briefly about the situation: I flew to England, to prepare for the duel scheduled for December 11.

"Got a room and started working out. It's been four days, sleeping at home at night, hearing some noise outside the door, someone trying to open the lock loudly.

"I'm breaking into my mind and want to grab a knife, but there was nothing in the kitchen except for a fork and spoon. The door opens, people fly in, with their hood on their heads.

"Not long thinking I stand up and go to them but apparently they had no plans to fight me and they were pouring acid-like substance on me, I curled in pain and these people quickly hid.

"Called the coach first thing. The coach came at night, took me to the hospital, took care of me, for which I am very grateful!

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"I've spent the last few days in the hospital, with burns, being watched by doctors.

"I didn't conflict with anyone who needed this, no idea. I understood one thing, you need to go to the camp to proven places."

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