'We know this girl gets f****d'- Supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski reveals rude comments she received from her casting agent when she started modeling aged 13

Supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski has revealed the rude comment she received from a male casting agent about her modelling photos when she was still in high school aged 13.

The 'Gone Girl' actress and 'blurred lines' model said she's 'tired' of being a sex symbol after 17 years of objectification by male colleagues in the fashion industry, revealing that at age 12 she was branded 'too sexy' and when she was aged just 13 had become 'an expert on male desire'

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Writing in her new book, My Body, Emily, 30, claims the unnamed man said: 'Now this is the look... This is how we know this girl gets f****d,' while browsing her portfolio.

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Emily aged 13

She wrote: 'I was a child... But somehow already an expert in detecting male desire, even if I didn't completely understand what to make of it.'

In the book, Emily detailed how her parents 'focused' on her appearance and were keen to capitalise on it.

She wrote of her youth: 'I've never prayed much...But I do remember that as a young girl I prayed for beauty. Beauty was a way for me to be special.

'When I was special, I felt my parents' love for me the most... It seemed important to them both, especially to my mother, that their daughter be perceived as beautiful.'

Emily revealed an incident where she was sent home from a school dance aged 13 for being dressed 'too sexy' - much to the anger of her mother.

Emily recalled how she had cried while her mother told her: '“Those people can go f*** themselves, you don’t have anything to be ashamed of.”'
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Talking about her career, she said; 'I built a platform by sharing images of myself and my body online. But in other, less overt ways, I’ve felt objectified and limited by my position in the world as a so-called sex symbol.'

When she was in middle school, an agent approached her about modeling.

At her first modeling audition, her mother told her that a young man had been checking her out.

'That boy looked at you when you stood up and flipped your hair,' she said, according to Emily. 'He was watching you.'

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