11-year-old girl followed from school and sexually assaulted by predator who dragged her to a park

11-year-old girl followed from school and sexually assaulted by predator who dragged her to a park

A manhunt has been launched by the British police for a predator who sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl after dragging her to park.

The predator reportedly followed the schoolgirl who was walking to a bus stop from her school in North Finchley, North London.

The suspect tried to engage her in a conversation about buses after noticing they were alone at the stop. After asking her to go to the park with him and she refused, he grabbed her by the wrist and also told her that he has a knife. He then dragged her to the park towards a canal where he took her phone and kissed her.

Police have now released an image of a man they wish to identify following the horror on September 30 at around 4pm.

The suspect has been described as aged between 30 to 40 with pale white skin, brown eyes and messy shoulder length hair. He was wearing blue jeans and black trainers during the terrifying attack.

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Detective Constable Chris Finnegan from the North West Command Unit based at Wembley said;

“This was a frightening attack on a young girl who has been tremendously brave in coming forward.

“I stress that sexual assaults of this nature continue to be very rare, but in the cases when it does happen we remain dedicated to supporting victims and identifying and prosecuting those responsible.

“We encourage anyone who is a victim of sexual offences, or who witnesses an offence taking place, to contact police so we can track down the perpetrator.”

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