Petition to stop Will and Jada Smith from having interviews racks up thousands of signatures


Petition to stop Will and Jada Smith from having interviews racks up thousands of signatures

I agree,They are wierd and want people to see it as normal

A “savage” petition to stop actor Will and Jada Smith from having interviews has racked up thousands of signatures.

The petition titled ‘Stop interviewing Will and Jada smith!’ and launched on Change.Org, has jumped from a few signatures to well over 2,000 at the time of writing. It was shared after the couple’s open take on their personal life matters.

Some of those that signed their petition, agreed that the couple’s interviews have caused much distaste among viewers.

“Everything I learn about this couple is against my will. Free us,” one wrote with their signature.

Another unhappy viewer wrote: “not everything has to be public knowledge”.

“I’m sick and tired of hearing the [expletive] that goes on in their personal lives. It’s exhausting. I’ve muted their names everywhere, AND STILL SEE THIS!! I’m sick of their weirdness. Make it STOP!!!” said another.

The Men in Black actor recently released a confessional memoir, Will, which includes personal details about the celebrity couple’s troubled marriage, Smith’s fantasy “harem of girlfriends”, the actor’s experience with psychedelic drugs, and his complicated relationship with his late father.

Pinkett Smith on the other hand, recently discussed in interviews her husband’s failure to satisfy her sexually. On her Facebook chat show Red Table Talk, she has also spoken about previously being addicted to pornography, alcohol, ectsacy, cannabis, and sex.

Other recent admissions by Smith include that he was jealous of his wife’s friendship with late rapper Tupac Shakur, and that he fell madly in love with former co-star Stockard Channing. Pinkett Smith has also spoken about her sexual relationship with rapper August Alsina.

Smith also recently revealed that he dealt with being cheated on by a former girlfriend by having so much sex, it made him “gag” and fall ill as a “psychosomatic reaction.”

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