"Sentenced to life" Couple celebrate 5th wedding anniversary with mugshot-inspired photos

"Sentenced to life" Couple celebrate 5th wedding anniversary with mugshot-inspired photos

A couple celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary came up with a unique idea to show they are in the marriage for the long haul.

The couple organized a mugshot-inspired photoshoot that saw them dress in orange jumpsuits like prison inmates.

In photos shared online, they are seen holding mugshot letter boards, with the words, "5 years served" and "sentenced to life" written on them.

"Heartrobbery" was written on the board as their "crime"

Brand expert, Kingsley Egbe shared the photos and wrote: "Not Everytime a perfect picture representing marriage with all the glits and glam of a well tailored suit and gown or some elegant native attire. Truth is sometimes, we all feel like we traded our freedom and we are locked up in it.

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"Marriage will shock you, when it reveals who you've been locked up with sometimes. But that's the beauty. What do you do when you are doing it for life. I guess you eventually get used to it, learn to love the little things that mean a lot to you and do all it takes to enjoy every of the rest of that moment. Especially if you have a partner that is willing to do life with you."

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