‘Something’s gone horribly wrong with our son ‘ – Father of 19 year old crossbow-wielding boy who scaled Windsor Castle fence, vowing to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, speaks out


'Something's gone horribly wrong with our son ' - Father of 19 year old crossbow-wielding boy who scaled Windsor Castle fence, vowing to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, speaks out

The father of a 19 year old teen suspected for scaling Windsor Castle armed with a crossbow in a bid to ‘assassinate the Queen in revenge for 1919 Amritsar massacre’ today has spoken up

Shocking video footage shows the young man, thought to be the arrested suspect, holding a black crossbow and using a distorted voice as he makes threats down the camera.

The teen known as Jaswant Singh Chail uploaded the pre-recorded video to Snapchat at 8:06am on Christmas Day, 24 minutes before he was arrested by police inside the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Chail’s father, Jasbir Singh Chail has now told MailOnline that ‘Something’s gone horribly wrong with our son” and ”we are trying to figure out what”

‘We’ve not had a chance to speak to him but are trying to get him the help he needs. From our perspective, we are going through a difficult time. We are trying to resolve this issue and it’s not easy.’

Chail was raised in a £500,000 house located on a private estate in North Baddesley, Southampton and his father, Mr Chail, 57, is listed as the director of an IT company along with his mother.

He believed to have enjoyed a comfortable, loving upbringing surrounded by his family so it’s a wonder why he would have such terroristic tendencies .

In the Snapchat video he said;

‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I’ve done and what I will do. I will attempt to assassinate Elizabeth, Queen of the Royal Family. This is revenge for those who have died in the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

‘It is also revenge for those who have been killed, humiliated and discriminated on because of their race. I’m an Indian Sikh, a Sith.’

He adds ‘My name was Jaswant Singh Chail’ then appears to give a Star Wars-themed identity which sounds like ‘Darth Jones’.

The Amritsar massacre, otherwise known as the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, took place on April 13, 1919, during a protest against the arrest of two pro-Indian independence leaders.

UK Brigadier-General R. E. H. Dyer surrounded the protesters in response, leaving them with only one exit to get out of the Bagh.

He then ordered his troops to shoot demonstrators, including those who were fleeing the massacre.

On his orders, his soldiers only stopped firing when they had exhausted their ammunition.

Estimates of the death toll range between 379 and more than 1500.

A further 1200 people were injured, among them 192 who sustained serious injuries.

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