Man 'paralysed' in car accident claims he can now walk and talk again after taking Covid vaccine

A man left unable to use his legs or voice since an accident in 2017 has shocked medics by walking and talking, and he says it is thanks to the "miracle" covid vaccine.

Dularchand Munda, 55, had a spine injury after he suffered a car crash. This left him bedridden and unable to speak.

But hours after being given the Covishield vaccine, he says he could feel his legs moving again and even managed to walk around, with the help of a walking stick.

Also, he has been able to talk for the first time since the accident, NDTV reported.

Dularchand, from Salgadih village, India, said: "Glad to have taken this vaccine. I can move my legs after taking the vaccine on January 4.


"My voice came back and my feet also moved."

Footage shows the granddad getting to his feet and walking around.

Dularchand’s family says he was treated after the car crash four years ago but he never regained the ability to walk, until now.

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Dr Jitendra Kumar said: "Amazed to see this. But it needs to be ascertained by scientists.

"Had he recovered from a medical condition not more than some days old, it could be understood but recovering suddenly from a four-year-old medical condition after taking the vaccine is unbelievable."

Albel Kerketta, in charge of Petarwar health centre, added: "Accurate information and answers will be available in the coming days when the medical world will conduct research on Dularchand Munda's illness and his recovery."

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