Woman who doesn’t mind that her husband dates other women and got one pregnant shares how she keeps her man happy


Woman who doesn't mind that her husband dates other women and got one pregnant shares how she keeps her man happy

A wife has gone online to give people a look into her and her husband’s unconventional relationship.

The married woman, known on TikTok under the username @CliqueBaittv, shares videos about her and her partner’s life.

She admitted on TikTok that she lets her husband have multiple girlfriends.

The couple, who have been together for 12 years, are usually seen with various other women in their videos.

‘Decided to share my husband with another female,” she wrote in one of her videos.

The wife even revealed that her husband “got another woman pregnant” after she struggled with her own fertility.

She added that she doesn’t mind because her husband was “too cute not to breed” and she was struggling with infertility.

In another video titled “How I kept my man for 12 years”, the woman revealed that as well as letting her husband have other girlfriends, she also cooks dinner for him and the girlfriends most nights.

She also revealed that she puts all of her paycheck from her job into their group account.

She added that her husband is on Tinder “to meet more women” and she’s fine with it.

The woman has become quite popular on TikTok with a number of women going to her for advice.

One person told her in the comments section: “You’re the reason my partner and I are so open and successful! I appreciate all your content.”

Another asked: “How do I find girls to share with my man we’ve only found 1. Been 1 1/2 years. Dating app for this typing stuff??”

A third said: “Man I can’t find anyone to invite over!”

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