Adele makes surprise appearance at strip club and dances on pole


Adele makes surprise appearance at strip club and dances on pole

Adele made a surprise appearance at a London nightclub’s strip show and even jumped on stage to have a go on the strip pole herself.

The singer was in the audience at G-A-Y’s Porn Idol event at Heaven in London on Thursday night, Feb. 10.

She was initially in a VIP area, watching the strippers, but she soon stunned the crowd by going up on stage in front of thousands of fans.

Adele, who had been wearing a white suit, stripped off the white jacket, leaving her with a black bralette.

She then danced around a pole, causing the audience to scream and cheer.

An onlooker told Daily Star Online: “Adele was absolutely loving the event. She was having a great time with friends and loved watching the show.

“After the contest was over she stormed the stage and the crowd went wild. No one was expecting a music icon to be there.”

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