Family of Walking Dead actor, Moses J. Moseley says new evidence shows he was kidnapped and murdered


Family of Walking Dead actor, Moses J. Moseley says new evidence shows he was kidnapped and murdered

The shooting death of Walking Dead actor Moses J. Moseley is now being investigated as possible foul play due to new evidence, as family members suspect he was kidnapped and murdered with his death made to look like suicide.

The 31-year-old Moseley, who appeared on the Walking Dead from 2012 to 2015 playing the armless and jawless Mike, a pet zombie, was found dead in his car late last month in Stockbridge, Georgia, a city on the outskirts of Atlanta, with a bullet to the head and a gun on his lap.

Relatives said they hadn’t heard from the actor since January 23. They filed a missing person’s report on January 26, TMZ reports. They then contacted car security company OnStar, which tracked his vehicle to where his body was found that day.

Cops originally suspected that Moseley took his own life.

However, speaking to TMZ earlier this month, Moses’ sister, Teerea Kimbro, asserted that those who knew her brother knew he loved life and that he would never kill himself, and revealed that she believes he was killed three days before his body was discovered by Georgia cops, who were investigating his death as a possible suicide.

Moses’ sister told the outlet that her brother, who had a recurring role as a zombie character on the hit show, had a taping scheduled the Monday before his body was found but failed to show up, something she says he would never do.

In a coincidence, the actor had just wrapped a movie in which he played a man who died in a tragic accident. His sister said that he was happy with where his career was heading, and that they had big plans for the future.

‘During the preliminary investigation, the potential of the death being a suicide was considered while not ruling out any other possibilities,’ Captain Randy Lee of the Stockbridge Police Department told TMZ.

‘As investigators progressed their investigation and more evidence was processed, reviewed and analyzed, other possibilities have presented themselves including accidental.’

‘It is important to note, the case is still currently open/active and ALL possibilities and leads are being thoroughly investigated,’ Lee added.

Moseley’s family reportedly questioned whether his death was suicide from the start, and had expressed a suspicion that he may have been kidnapped and murdered.

According to TMZ, a family member of Moseley said investigators have since gathered evidence suggesting that his death was likely not a suicide, including the location of blood splatter, the way the bullet entered his skull, as well as his grip on the gun.

Moseley was found to have a ‘loose’ grip on the gun as if another person had placed it in his hand after the fact.

The family member, who was not named, also said investigators noted how the bullet entered Moseley’s eye yet did not exit his skull.

Typically, when people shoot themselves in the head, the bullet exits from the other side, according to authorities.

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