Kim Kardashian reportedly ‘done with being nice’ after Kanye West’s recent public attacks


Kim Kardashian reportedly 'done with being nice' after Kanye West's recent public attacks

Kim Kardashian is reportedly ‘done with being nice’ after Kanye West’s recent public comments against her and her family.

Over the weekend, Kanye released a series of posts where he accused KIm Kardashian and her family of keeping his children away from him and not having a say in daughter North West’s use of social media app,TikTok .

Kim Kardashian had to issue a public statement relating to the recent drama and even called herself the main ‘provider’ for the kids..

Kanye responded to her claims accusing Kim of saying he wants to get her murdered. He added that he wants to have a better relationship with his children than his dad had with him.

The rapper has now deleted all his call out posts after he spent Sunday February 6, with his four children and now according to E!, despite Kim’s efforts to become legally single, Kanye is not forthcoming with the legal attempts to move ahead with the divorce.

According to a report by E! , Kim isn’t happy with how Kanye has made public statements about their divorce and she is done being nice as she has tried to sit back take the high road to protect the kids as best as she can.

According to E!, a source added, “[Kim] is doing everything for her kids to give them the most stable and normal life that she can. She doesn’t appreciate Kanye coming in and tearing her down. She isn’t going to stand for it and she’s not afraid of him. She has put up with so much and she’s done with being nice”

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