Kindergarten teacher Almost killed 3 year old child After she allegedly flogged her until she fainted (video)


Kindergarten teacher allegedly flogged 3-year-old child until she fainted (video)

A 3-year-old girl was left with red marks on her back after she was allegedly flogged by her teacher.

The girl, who is in kindergarten, reportedly fainted following the beating.

A Twitter user who spoke with the child’s mother shared a video of the girl on the platform and called on agencies responsible for such matters to act.

See the video of the girl’s back after the beating.

How can a kindergarten teacher be this heartless to a 3year old child?

…yesterday I saw a lady crying profusely, I got closer and asked her what happened she showed me her 3 year old daughter’s body
Her teacher manhandled the little girl still she fainted@segalink @mrmacaronii See the video here— KING WAVY ? (@JackFleet) February 10, 2022

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