Mum crushed to death after attempting to lift 180kg weight in gym (graphic video)


Mum crushed to death after attempting to lift 180kg weight in gym (graphic video)

A woman was crushed to death when she tried to lift a 180kg barbell.

The fitness enthusiast tried to lift the weight at Gym Fitness Sport gymnasium in Mexico on Monday, February 21.

The moment was recorded on video and it has been shared online.

In the video, a man is seen adjusting the weight before the woman positions herself beneath it.

She then attempts to hold the barbell only for it to fall and crush her neck, killing her on the spot.

A man and young woman immediately rush to her and try to free her but they could not lift the weight.

Two other people join and they succeed in lifting the weight. Unfortunately, it was already too late at that point.

The woman has not been named in local media but was said to be aged between 35 and 40 years old.

Her daughter is deeply affected by the incident and receiving psychological support, according to reports in local news.

An investigation into the incident has been launched by the state prosecutor’s office.

The gym owner, who has not been named, was reportedly briefly arrested.

Watch the video below.


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    • She should have known better for one. The owner shouldn't be responsible for something she did but then again there are special machines that would prevent such an accident. Someone could rightfully argue that they should have had one of those machines, and if they had one this woman would still be alive. So in a way it is the owners fault for not having proper equipment and having that much weight available on the floor. You don't need that much weight sitting around freely when there are machines that make it safer when you have no spotter.

      That's almost 400Lbs so this woman should have known better. I've seen guys 2 times her size struggle with that much weight. Not only that but no one even tried to stop her, the guy just watched her pick up weights he could probably barely move at more than double her size.

  1. TF was the BENCH doing under her?? Get rid of the bench and use the security bars FFS people. This accident was SO PREVENTABLE on all levels even if the weight was too much …. So sad for her and her family… Condolences …



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