Russian singer slammed for video of man fondling her T T as she wishes for ‘world peace’


Russian singer slammed for video of man fondling her boobs as she wishes for 'world peace'

Russian singer, Slava, has received heat for posing tpless with a man’s hands cupping her kd obs.

The singer called for World Peace in the post and said she hoped her nation would “never need to be protected from anything”.

She posted the video for Defender of the Fatherland Day, a holiday that is observed in Russia and commemorates the founding of the Red Army as well as being a general celebration of the armed forces.

In the video, Slava, whose real name is Anastasia Vladimirovna Slanevskaya, is seennposing tpless while a man’s hands are seen cupping both her brsts as he hides behind the singer.

Her captioned read in part: “May goodness, love, and most importantly, world peace flourish!”

Her post elicited strong reactions from critics who told her that her country was invading Ukraine and her only contribution is to post a kd photo.

The criticisms forced Slava to delete the clip.

She later wrote: “So much nastiness was poured on me. I deleted the post because I was worried about this.”

The singer said her only intention was to please and entertain everyone during the troubling time.

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