Ukraine’s Air Force claims successful drone strikes against Russia (Video)


Ukraine's Air Force claims successful drone strikes against Russia (Video)

The Ukrainian Air Force has carried out two drone strikes on Russian targets using Turkish-made drones, officials said.

Lt. Gen. Mykola Oleshchuk, the chief of Ukraine’s Air Force, confirmed they used ‘life-giving’ Bayraktar TB2 drones.

The Ukrainian Embassy released footage of a Russian convoy consisting of more than a dozen vehicles blown to pieces by the strike. The footage was shot near the city of Malyn, about 60 miles northwest of Kyiv.


The Air Force said that one of the strikes occurred in the town of Chornobaivka, in southern Ukraine.

The area has been the focus of intense fighting in the past few days.

‘Never a rose without a thorn,’ the embassy wrote in one of the tweets. ‘Russian invaders have to put up with Bayraktar TB2s.’

So far, the Ukrainian forces have managed to halt the advance of Russian troops on the capital, by arresting Moscow’s soldiers and blowing bridges into the city to hinder their advance.

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