Russia accused of using deadly vacuum bombs during Ukraine invasion (video)


Russia accused of using deadly vacuum bombs during Ukraine invasion (video)

Vladimir Putin has been accused of war crimes after allegedly using devastating vacuum bombs and cluster munitions during Russia’s invasion in the Ukranian city of Kharkiv.

A thermobaric bomb, often referred to as a vacuum bomb, uses surrounding oxygen to generate usually unparalleled high-temperature explosions.

People affected by the weapons can be “obliterated”, suffer major internal damage or be burned to death, according to a US intelligence study in 2000.

Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova spoke against Russian aggression after speaking to members of the US Congress.

“They used the vacuum bomb today, which is actually prohibited by the Geneva convention,” she said.

“The devastation that Russia is trying to inflict on Ukraine is large.”

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has intensified as there have been accusations of lies, genocide, and comparisons to World War II.

Peace talks between Ukraine and Russia on the Belarus border have ended and officials will return to their capitals for further consultations before resuming a second round of discussions as the war enters its sixth day.

Watch the video below


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