Russian fighter blown out of sky as Ukrainian forces claim they’ve destroyed 285 Russian tanks and 88 jets


Russian fighter blown out of sky as Ukrainian forces claim they've destroyed 285 Russian tanks and 88 jets

Video of a Russian fighter being blown out of the sky by Ukrainian forces has been shared online.

The country which has been in a bloody conflict with Russia for 11 days now has also claimed that it has destroyed 285 Russian tanks and 88 jets.

Despite initial concerns Ukraine would quickly fall to Russia, power is instead said to be draining from the Kremlin as the botched invasion drags on.

The clip painting a picture of Putin’s failures appears to show a Russian Su-25 fighter jet being destroyed as it soared over Kharkiv. The plane transforms into a fireball as it plummets to the ground, much to the delight of Ukrainians watching below.

Regional governor of Kharkiv, Oleg Synegubov, said his city’s Air Defence Forces subdued the target with two surface-to-air missiles. The aircraft can be seen erupting over Ukraine’s second city as people cheer before crashing to the ground and exploding again upon impact.

Synegubov said the jet was part of a legion of Russian aircraft that had been conducting regular bombing campaigns over the city.

Other video taken from a different angle from a security camera also shows the plane being shot down in a blazing ball of fire.

And a third video shows the plane crashing to the ground and lighting up the night sky, filmed from the window of someone’s home.

Just yesterday footage emerged of Russian pilots pleading for their lives as they were captured by soldiers and civilians.

Pictures show the burning wrecks of Russian aircraft and the terrified faces of Putin’s men as they were detained after ejecting from their planes.

Footage shared online saw the airmen tied up with their hands behind their backs – some bloody after their desperate escapes, while explaining they were simply “following orders”.

Ukraine today claimed they have killed 11,000 Russian troops since the invasion began. With 11 days having passed since the initial attack, that means that Putin has lost approximately 1,000 men every single day.

They also say they have taken out 44 planes, 48 helicopters, 285 tanks, 109 artillery pieces and 985 armored personnel carriers.

Russian airstrikes are also believed to have killed hundreds, maybe thousands of civilians across Ukraine.

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