‘You are afraid of helping Ukraine’- Journalist who fled Ukraine breaks down in tears as she begs UK’s Boris Johnson to help fight Russia (video)


'You are afraid of helping Ukraine'- Journalist who fled Ukraine breaks down in tears as she begs UK's Boris Johnson to help fight Russia (video)

A Ukranian journalist who fled Kyiv has appealed to the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to help Ukraine in its fight against Russia saying ‘World War III has already started’

Johnson while on a trip to Poland and Estonia on latest diplomatic mission against Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, was berated by a tearful Ukrainian journalist for failing to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

The journalist berated the West for failing to protect them from ‘barbaric’ Vladimir Putin.

The PM was accused of being ‘afraid’ to defend people as he took a press conference on a visit to Poland.

Daria Kaleniuk said at the press conference on Tuesday, March 11, said;

I passed the border a couple of days ago. I’m from Kyiv. Most of my family. Most of my team members are still in Ukraine in Kyiv, in Lviv. A woman from my team is now in Bilozerka. She is there with two kids, and Russian military is over there and she is so much afraid that she will be shot.

Kharkiv, the city where I was studying was bombed today, fully, the downtown square.

‘So you’re talking about the stoicism of the Ukrainian people. But Ukrainian women and Ukrainian children are in deep fear because of bombs and missiles which are going from the sky.

And Ukranian people are desperately asking for the West to protect our sky. We are asking for the no fly zone. We are saying response that it will trigger World war three.

But what is the alternative Mr Prime Minister, to observe how our children are instead of planes are protecting NATO from the missiles and bombs?

What’s the alternative for the no fly zone? We have planes here we have air defence system in Poland in Romania.

NATO has this air defence, at least this air defence shield the Western Ukraine. So this these children with women could come to the border.

‘It’s impossible now to cross the border. There are 30 kilometres of mines. Imagine crossing the border with a baby or with two children.

‘I’m so glad that Samantha Power is coming here to the border from the Polish side. Let her come to the border from Ukrainian side and see that.

‘Britain guaranteed our security under Budapest Memorandum. So you’re coming to Poland you’re not coming to Kyiv Prime Minister, you’re not coming to Lviv, because you are afraid.

Because NATO is not willing to defend. Because NATO is afraid of World War Three, but it is already started.

‘And these are Ukrainian children who are there taking the hit. You’re talking about more sanctions Prime Minister but Roman Abramovich is not sanctioned. He’s in London. His children are not in the bombardments. His children are there in London.

Putin’s children are in Netherlands, in Germany, in mansions, where all these mentioned seized? I don’t see that.

I see that my family members, that my team members, I’d say that we crying. We don’t know where to run.

This is what is happening. Prime Minister.

Watch the video below


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