Britney Spears rejects paying mum’s $600,000 legal fees accrued during the battle to end her conservatorship


Britney Spears rejects paying mum’s $600,000 legal fees accrued during the battle to end her conservatorship

Britney Spears has refused to pay $600,000 to foot her mother’s legal fees, accrued during the battle to end her conservatorship.

The singer, 40, was freed from the conservatorship governed by her family back in 2021.

Last week, Britney slammed her mother Lynne Spears and called her worse than her negligent on-screen Crossroads mum.

Now, she has rejected a proposal to pay her legal fees.

Shortly before Britney’s conservatorship termination, her mother applied for payments totalling $663,202.84 from her daughter’s estate for costs incurred during the process.

But in court documents obtained by the PA news agency, lawyers for Britney said her mother had not been an official party involved in the conservatorship.

Lawyers argued that Britney had “continuously and generously” supported her mother financially for years and there was no legal authority for her to help her anymore.

“Lynne Spears and her counsel seek payment of legal fees and costs — from Britney Spears — of more than $660,000,” stated the documents, filed by her lawyer Matthew Rosengart on Tuesday, April 5, in Los Angeles.

“Britney Spears opposes the Petition in its entirety.”

The filing continued: “Britney Spears has for decades been her family’s sole breadwinner, supporting her entire family.

“It warrants noting that Lynne Spears has for at least a decade resided in a large, expensive house owned by Britney Spears in Kentwood, Louisiana, for which her daughter has also continuously – and generously – paid Lynne Spears’s utilities, telephone services, insurance, property taxes, landscaping, pool work, pest control, repairs, and maintenance, totalling approximately $1.7million (£1.3m).

“The Petition cites no authority at all to support the conclusion that a conservatorship estate (or, in this case, a former conservatee’s estate) can be held financially responsible for the attorney’s fees of a third party like Petitioner here.”

Lynne Spears’ November filing said she was requesting the fees for helping her daughter out of her “crisis” and “achieve independence from her conservator father James Spears”.

Lawyers for James Spears, aka Jamie Spears, have also called for his daughter’s estate to continue paying his legal fees, saying he had “stepped up” and kept “opportunistic and wholly self-interested parties at bay”.

The judge is yet to make a decision regarding Lynne Spears’ legal fees and further hearings in the case are scheduled for July

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