Lady who got her dream body by losing some weight says she worked hard for it and won’t ruin it by having kids


Lady who got her dream body by losing some weight says she worked hard for it and won't ruin it by having kids

30-year-old Jen Aitkin who got her dream body by losing some weight, has said that she worked hard for it and won’t ruin it by having kids.

Aitkin told The Sun that she has no interest in having a baby anytime soon because she fears pilling on the pounds.

She said;

“The idea of getting stretch marks and weight gain puts me off having kids,” says Jen from Grimsby, North Lincs.

“My party lifestyle is also a priority.

“I go out most weekends and I wouldn’t be able to do that if I had kids, as I couldn’t afford all the babysitters.”

The admin manager who has lost half of her body weight, going from a size 22 and 18st to a size 10 and 10st, added;

“I love children and definitely want them, but at 30 they’re not in my immediate future.

“I spent my 20s being overweight and miserable, before overhauling my diet in April 2016.

“Within two years, I lost 8st and discovered a great figure and boobs.

“I became a beauty queen and won Miss Great Britain in February 2020.

“I am pageant obsessed. It’s so glitzy, glamorous and fun. I want to win more crowns in the next few years, that’s more important to me than kids.

“I love my new body and want to enjoy it before getting pregnant.

“In April, I’m going to Marbella to pose for a bikini catalogue shoot. If I’d just had a baby, I doubt I would have been asked.”

As well as worrying about gaining weight and her body changing, Jen doesn’t want to give up her life of parties and girls’ holidays.

“I have four girls’ holidays booked this year – to Europe and Mexico.

“We’ll hit the spa and beach during the day, then the nightclubs at night.

“I don’t think it’s selfish to wait; I’m building up my self esteem so I can be a great mum.

“This is my life and I should be able to plan when I fall pregnant.”

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