Mom kills family’s pit bulls after they attacked her 1-year-old daughter


Mom kills family's pit bulls after they attacked her 1-year-old daughter

A California mother fatally stabbed her family’s pit bulls after the dogs attacked her one-year-old daughter and other family members on Sunday night, April 24.

The two dogs attacked the toddler when she started crying at the family’s home in Pico Rivera, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told KABC.

As the child’s mother tried to stop the attack, the dogs attacked her too.

The girl suffered a fractured hip and bites to her left leg, shoulder and ear. The mother was bitten on her lip and near her eye, cops said.

The toddler’s grandmother, Margaret Ann Morales said she was in bed at the time when she heard her family members screaming.

“I walked into the kitchen and that’s when I (saw)…my two daughters and my son on the floor trying to get the dogs off,” she told the outlet.

“Finally my daughter got up … and that’s when I [saw] my granddaughter. I [saw] the dog was latched on her left leg. That’s when I had to actually get my hand into his jaws and open them up and that’s when he released her.”

Morales and her other daughter also suffered some injuries as the dogs continued to attack until the toddler’s mother grabbed a knife and stabbed both of the dogs, killing them.

All four relatives were taken to the hospital.

The dogs had been raised by the family since they were puppies, and were around three and a half years old, KABC reported.

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  1. Pitbulls are loaded lethal weapons with randomly loaded chambers and no safety. They are often abused, which gives them a hair trigger. People get conned into adopting them with lies and deception, the North American No Kill organisation has pet shelters buying into and actively selling the deception to unwitting families, often with young children. Known aggressive, problematic dogs are rehomed, moved around to hide their record trail, and pushed into the arms of people who have no experience or training with dangerous animals. You don't have to look far to find out the extent of the devastation brought by this single breed that accounts for more than 50% of all canine-related hospital admissions.
    It's hard not to sympathise with the families who buy these monsters, but they should have done their research before getting fighting dogs.

    • That is a valid argument, but there’s one slight problem. What about military animals? These animals are responsible for more deaths than all domestic dogs combined. More than any pitbull. Yet the statistics are kept away. They don’t want you to know because they want everyone to demonize the pitbull. I’m not saying military dogs are bad, what I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter what breed. If they’re trained to kill, they will kill. It just so happens that most pitbulls are raised badly.

  2. "I am a young, enthusiastic media mogul, A Crime Journalist, Political Activist, Psychologist, Life Coach with specific entities in lifestyle, Science and wedding blogging, Online TV, and exclusive media news, among others"

    Don't count "English major" in your title. Why are the following things capitalized: A Crime Journalist, Political Activist, Psychologist, Life Coach, Science, Online TV (TV is okay)? None of these is a proper noun. Also, how does one become a mogul (def: an important or powerful person, especially in the motion picture or media industry.) at a young age?

  3. This can happen to any breed of dog, because dog is closely related to the wolf, which gives it a chance of snapping, unfortunately people buy into the stereotypes

  4. This can happen to any breed of dog, because dog is closely related to the wolf, which gives it a chance of snapping, unfortunately people buy into the stereotypes

    • And yet one particular breed tops every statistic when it comes to attacks, and "kills". I get it, you have a pit, and its so gullable and sweet, til it chews off your face you ignorant! Only stupid people brings pits into their home with children. My Kangal is more trustworthy than any pit. Ban the breed!



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