Rob Kardashian alleges that he was beaten with a rod by Blac Chyna who also pulled a gun on him, says he didn’t love her at the time of their engagement


Rob Kardashian alleges that he was beaten with a rod by Blac Chyna who also pulled a gun on him, says he didn't love her at the time of their engagement

Rob Kardashian on Wednesday April 27, testified that he feared for his life on a night in 2016 when his then-fiancée Blac Chyna allegedly pointed a gun at his head, pulled a phone-charging cable around his neck and repeatedly hit him with a metal rod while under the influence of substances.

In the Kardashian-Jenners’ ongoing legal battle with Chyna, 35-year-old Rob testified that his relationship with Chyna, 33, was violent from the start, and alleged that the mother of his child beat and threatened to kill him.

Rob who wore a black button-down, long-sleeve shirt for his court appearance, said the night of Dec. 14, 2016 started off with them joking around on their social media, with both of them posting video footage of them kissing and laughing.

In the courtroom, a video was shown of Rob waving bands of $100 bills and throwing it at Chyna who looked pleased. He however claimed that the night became violent with the discord lasting until the next morning. Rob alleged that Chyna pulled a gun on him twice, hit him with a metal rod, scratched him and struck him with an iPhone cord.

He said;

“She landed several blows to my face, my back.

“She ripped my shirt early in the evening and we were throwing money around in our Snapchat. In the beginning I thought it was playful. I didn’t think it got serious until the second gun encounter … you don’t point a gun on your fiancé’s head whether you think it’s loaded or not.”

When asked by Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani, why he didn’t show bruising in videos recorded after the incident, Rob said in response;

“She landed several blows on my body (with the metal rod) … but not everyone is going to bruise just because someone hit you. It didn’t leave a mark when I had a gun to my temple. The cord around my neck, I’m sure that left a mark, but no, I didn’t need a band aid.

“Everything I testified to happened. She was on a cocaine and alcohol. She has a history of doing this. Just because I didn’t have marks doesn’t mean it’s not true. Stop putting that out there! It’s not fair.”

Rob was visibly agitated during his nearly two-hour testimony, raising his voice several times and taking issue with Ciani repeating questions.

When asked about spending New Year’s Eve together after the fight, Rob responded;

“I have social anxiety … and I gained a lot of weight. She forced me to go out of the house. I went to dinner and that was that. I wasn’t happy going out of the house after she put a gun to my head. She put that on her Snapchat, but that to me isn’t happy. That’s just fake.”

He also claimed that he wanted to make his relationship work and supported Chyna with whom he shares daughter Dream, 5, even when she repeatedly allegedly abused him. He said he would often sleep in his car until the next morning.

Rob further disclosed that he was at a “very low” and the “weakest” point of his life when he first started speaking to Chyna, but at the time he was still single and was also messaging other women.

He said;

“I was probably at the worst place in my life … She was the one person who brought me in. I was just comfortable with her… and I was at my loneliest point. I ignored all the bad things. I have a very loving family but I just gave myself to her.”

He told the jury he was just happy at that point that someone wanted him for him, or so it seemed. Chyna’s lawyer then asked questions about his engagement to Chyna.

He admitted that they got engaged, but maintained it was all for show, “not real love.”

Rob claimed in his jaw-dropping testimony that Chyna had a club appearance scheduled and wanted to show off her ring. She was also keen to promote that they were expecting, according to his statement.

Asked in court: “When you got engaged to Chyna were you in love with her?” the only Kardashian son answered: “No.”

He said the engagement announcement was all part of an elaborate plan by Chyna to get a show pitched about them “the next day.” He said he supported Chyna as the mother of his child, but said: “That isn’t my character.”

Rob recalled his family planning a baby shower for Chyna, alleging that she got angry about the gesture and he did not attend. He claimed the party ended up being canceled and Chyna had a baby shower with just her friends.

The father of one told the court he was dealing with some regret over the incident, noting that they were “just trying to make me happy, to make her happy.”

Of Chyna’s treatment of the Kardashians, Rob said: “There were 100 different times she was disrespectful towards my family.”

He noted: “She tried to threaten my little sister Kylie.” During the testimony, Rob also talked about his daughter Dream.

He told the court: “I have a child with her, it wasn’t a mistake.” Rob also said that Dream was not born out of spite, but that there was no real love in their relationship.

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