Shocking discovery on groom’s laptop folder leads bride to cancel wedding


Shocking discovery on groom's laptop folder leads bride to cancel wedding

A bride-to-be canceled her “dream” wedding after making a shocking discovery on her fiance’s computer.

The bride, a TikTok user, took to the platform to share how her world came crashing down after she stumbled upon a secret folder on her now-ex partner’s work computer.

The 25-year-old who goes by the name Maria (@lifebymaria) wrote on TikTok: “Imagine being engaged, 3 months away from your dream wedding, invitations are sent, and on a random Thursday finding out your fiancé has been hiding a porn folder which included photos of your sisters and his co-workers.”

The clip immediately went viral after it was shared as social media users discussed the bride’s revelation.

After getting such a huge reaction, Maria proceeded to explain what had happened in the comments section.

She wrote: “He was helping me apply for a job because my computer wasn’t working.

“He downloaded my resume to his work computer and went to his folder files to look where the files were downloaded.”

After clicking on the particular folder, she came to discover photos of her sisters and other individuals.

She added: “He said he would stare at the photos during work and picture them naked because he was ‘bored’ and it was a thrill for him to do so during work.

She also alleged that he would cyber stalk her siblings, “cropped from Instagram, etc and used them for porn purposes”.

Maria revealed that May 14 was supposed to be her wedding date.

TikTok users offered messages of support, with many telling her that she dodged a bullet.

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