Shocking injuries of a 23-year-old lady revealed after she’s run over three times in road rage attack


Shocking injuries of a 23-year-old lady revealed after she’s run over three times in road rage attack

The injuries of a 23-year-old lady who was ran over three times in a road rage attack have been revealed.

Morgan Scott suffered deep gashes over 60 percent of her body. She was also left with a broken spine and severed liver after a man known as Vincent Jean mowed her down three times with his SUV.

The attack happened on Tuesday, April 12. The has suspect has been arrested and charged with first-degree attempted murder and third-degree assault by auto.

After hitting her the first time, Jean then reversed his SUV and Scott briefly reappeared on the grass, barely moving.

Jean then fired up his engine and launched another attack on her – despite his victim lying still.

Onlookers, including the cameraman, screamed ‘stop, stop’ but the driver continued to drive over her.

He honked as he made it over her for a second time before finally coming to a halt.

Writing on Instagram on Saturday, April 16, the lady’s father said:

‘Recently my daughter endured a horrible attack on her life but God was merciful and spared my daughter from death.’

‘Thank you for your love and support she is recovering God is good! God is Good!!!!!’

Isaac, an eyewitness, said he didn’t believe she would survive the horrendous ordeal.

He and his wife, a retired nurse, say they raced to help the victim and said she whispered ‘thank you’ when they placed a blanket over her.

Isaac, who watched the attack unfold from his home over the road, said the woman was battling a fractured spine and severed liver in hospital.

He told ‘I walked out and saw the school bus stopped. People were running and screaming and it was just crazy.

‘I saw the lady was lying on the grass across the street. I looked at this woman and it was just awful.

‘We took a blanket as the grass was really still wet and I asked my wife – who was a nurse – if she was alive.

‘She said the woman said ”thank you” to her when she passed it over. Every time I look at the video it makes me feel sick.

‘By the last time she got run over she looked completely out of it on the ground. She should never have survived that.’

Also new reports reveal that the suspect, Jean, 56, was obsessed with Grand Theft Auto and posted numerous clips of the video game on his social media.

The Scott family said they were devastated at the ‘atrocious’ attack and added it was ‘not the result of any domestic dispute’.

Jean has been charged with first-degree attempted murder and third-degree assault by auto.

Jean is currently being held at the Union County Jail awaiting a hearing.

Watch the videos below (viewers discretion advised)

Vincent Jean, 56, who’s black, tries to kill a 23 y/o victim, who’s black, with his SUV
He attacked her several times during his attempted murder
Elizabeth, NJ

Oh how BLM… unless it’s black/on black crime
Which BTW, is 90% of the crimes on black people~#BurnItDown— EdoIsHip? ~??~ (@HipIsEdo) April 15, 2022

Disturbing images | Trigger Warning ??

Elizabeth, New Jersey | Vincent Jean, 56, rammed a 23-year-old female victim with his Mitsubishi SUV several times during his rampage on Tuesday.— Nerdy Addict (Shart Shiner Shinobi) (@Nerdy_Addict) April 14, 2022

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