”They started a full-scale war and act as if we are to blame, Ukraine will win” – Zelensky knocks Russian leadership


''They started a full-scale war and act as if we are to blame, Ukraine will win" - Zelensky knocks Russian leadership

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has knocked Russian leadership over the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, saying Ukraine will win and that Ukrainians are “the bravest people of the best country in the world.”

Addressing his nation Sunday night, Zelenskyy who has led his country as it fought the Russian army for 6 weeks said;

“We are coming to an end of another week,” Zelensky said in his speech, which he has given regularly during Russia’s attack on the country.

“Our fight for freedom, for the state. Another week that Ukraine stayed alive, despite all the efforts of Russia to destroy us. We are fighting. We are defending. We are repelling the attacks.”

Zelensky accused Russian leadership of “lying” in efforts to shift the blame away from them.

“When cowardice grows, everything turns into catastrophe,” he continued. “When people don’t have the courage to recognize their mistakes and apologize, to conform to reality, and to see that they are turning into monsters.”

The Ukrainian leader said Russia has lost touch with reality, acting as aggressors yet blaming Ukraine for the actions committed by Russian troops, including the killings in Bucha, the missile strike on the train station in Kramatorsk, and “every destroyed city and burnt village.”

“They have destroyed the lives of millions. They started a full-scale war and act as if we are to blame for this,” Zelensky continued..

He added Russia, fearing defeat, will launch full-scale combat actions in Ukraine’s east.

“But we are ready,” the president said, promising Ukraine will ensure it has enough weapons and demand stronger sanctions against Russia so that justice will be served.

“The truth will win and Ukraine will win,” Zelensky said. “This is for certain. Glory to Ukraine.”

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