What Exhausted The Patience Of Actor Matthew Lewis?


What Exhausted The Patience Of Actor Matthew Lewis?

Actor Matthew Lewis spoke of his frustration at being
constantly remembered only for his years in the Harry Potter franchise.

In an interview with the Inside of You
podcast, Neville Longbottom’s interpreter expressed everything that bothers him
about this subject.

He said: “I still get a little frustrated
sometimes when people say, ‘Oh he’ – for example, I’m doing this show right
now; is on PBS, but the headlines are just ‘He’s not Neville Longbottom
anymore’ Man, I haven’t done that in 10 years. And I did things that were
totally different in the following years.”

What Exhausted The Patience Of Actor Matthew Lewis?

Lewis makes
it clear that he has no problem with his Harry Potter years, but that he would
like to be recognized for the things he has done beyond the Warner Bros


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