Will Smith’s upcoming film, Fast And Loose, is put on hold by Netflix following Oscars slap


Will Smith's upcoming film, Fast And Loose, is put on hold by Netflix following Oscars slap

Will Smith’s upcoming film, Fast And Loose, has been put on hold by Netflix.

Netflix made the decision following the backlash from Will’s shocking Oscars slap, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film had already lost its intended director before Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, further complicating the film’s path to being shot.

Netflix began searching for a new director, however, after the incident at the Oscars, Netflix decided to put the film on hold.

Fast And Loose was originally to be helmed by Deadpool 2 director David Leitch, but he had withdrawn from the project just a week before the Oscars.

Both Netflix and Universal had been competing for a new project from Leitch, but the traditional studio appealed to him more than the streaming platform.

It’s not known if the project will be killed, or if Netflix will just find another star and director pair for it.

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  1. I feel that Will Smith was in-the-right to defend his wife, Jada's reputation as well as their union on-stage, off-stage and in any setting. Media has the reputation to BLOW-UP each of the many-situations that do happen in its's grasp. Reflecting on Will Smith's sudden-outburst of anger in-respect to Chris Rock's (unscripted?) gash at their personal lives might have pushed the MPAA's button, but considering Society's boundaries, any reaction could have been easily misunderstood, because this is MEDIA.
    :::I imagine What would Veteran / longer-tenure actors (such as – say Jack Nicholson) would have done in such a setting as this. I think that Will Smith could have more-poignantly made a comment / stab at Chris Rock's stab at Jada / considering they already knew each other (off-stage?) without giving Media free-reign to challenge the career of The Actor Will Smith.

    Supposing this was not a pre-scripted HAPPENING, I still wonder why has Jada stayed quiet through it all.

    :::Remembering THE-HYPE that was raged by THE OPRAH-effect still has many questioning the impact of The Media in our lives.



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