Popular Ukrainian blogger accused of being a pro-Putin propagandist is arrested in Spain for ‘high treason’


Popular Ukrainian blogger accused of being a pro-Putin propagandist is arrested in Spain for 'high treason'

Pro-Russian blogger Anatoliy Shariy accused of treason by the Security Service of Ukraine of treason has been detained in Spain.

“Spanish law enforcement agencies detained Shariy on May 4, 2022. This became possible due to close cooperation of the Security Service of Ukraine with the Prosecutor General’s Office, international partners, and as a result of a multi-level special operation by Ukrainian law enforcement officers,” the statement reads.

The SBU said that this detention is another proof that every Ukrainian traitor will sooner or later receive a deserved punishment.

The Ukrainian special service suspects Shariy of committing crimes under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: Article 111 (treason) and Article 161 (violation of equality of citizens depending on their race, nationality, religious beliefs, disability, and other grounds).

According to SBU investigators, Shariy carried out illegal activities to the detriment of Ukraine’s national security in the information sphere. There is reason to believe that Shariy acted on behalf of foreign entities.

“Evidence collected by the investigation has been confirmed by a number of expert studies, which established that Shariy’s interviews and speeches contain facts of his subversive activities against Ukraine. He was declared a suspect last year,” the statement said.

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