Russia’s invasion of Ukraine not going to plan – NATO


Russia's invasion of Ukraine not going to plan - NATO

Transatlantic military alliance, NATO, has said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been a ‘failure.’

According to Nato’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, Russia’s war in Ukraine is not going according to plan and that its attempt to capture the eastern Donbas region has “stalled”.

He also suggested Ukraine could win the conflict.

“Russia’s war in Ukraine is not going as Moscow had planned,” said Stoltenberg speaking at a meeting of Nato foreign ministerson Sunday, May 15.

“They failed to take Kyiv, they are pulling back from around Kharkiv, their major offensive in Donbas has stalled. Russia is not achieving its strategic objectives and Ukraine could win”

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin sees Nato as a security threat to Russia and invaded Ukraine in a bid to stop it from joining Nato.

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