Atlanta Subway customer shoots dead female worker for putting too much mayonnaise on his sandwich

Atlanta Subway customer shoots dead female worker for putting too much mayonnaise on his sandwich

A Subway sandwich customer allegedly shot dead one female worker and injured another after too much mayonnaise was put on his sandwich.

On Sunday night, June 26, at around 6:30pm, a customer ordering a sandwich at a Subway connected to a gas station located in the city’s downtown area erupted into a dispute with one of the store’s employees and opened fire. One employee was fatally wounded and another was sent to a nearby hospital.

The owner of the Subway told Fox 5 Atlanta that the customer became angry and decided to shoot his two employees over the amount of mayonnaise on their fast-food meal.

“Believe it or not, it was about too much mayonnaise on his sandwich,” owner Willie Glenn said in an interview with the news station.

The employee who died during the shootout, a woman, has not been identified by police, but the store’s owner reported during an interview with Fox News 5 that the son of one of the employees was present at the time that staff was attacked by the armed customer.

“She had a young son that had to witness all of this,” said Mr Glenn.

The store’s on-duty manager reportedly returned fire at the suspect but missed, according to the store’s owner.

“Everybody wants to carry a gun. Everybody wants to scare somebody wit a gun. It’s scary out here,” Mr Glenn said.

Police are still investigating the shooting, reviewing surveillance video, and interviewing witnesses while they actively search for the suspect.

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