I woke up from a coma to find my fiance had ghosted me and moved in with someone else - Woman reveals

I woke up from a coma to find my fiance had ghosted me and moved in with someone else - Woman reveals

A woman has narrated how she woke up from a coma to find her fiance had ghosted her and moved in with someone else.

25-year-old Brie Duval further revealed that the new woman also sent her a text message which she read after she woke up.

The Australian lady who has racked up millions of views on her @hotcomagirl1 TikTok account, said she went into coma after a horrific accident she had last August.

She had moved to Canada working in her dream job and had been in a great relationship with her partner for four years - and she claims they’d even got engaged. However, on August 29, 2021, she had a horrific fall from a car park.

One of the walls was under construction, and Brie hadn’t seen the large drop to the concrete pavement beneath in the dark as there was no signs or tape.


She fell headfirst over the edge and had to be airlifted to the University of Alberta Hospital where she was placed on life support in the ICU.

She suffered numerous broken bones and a brain injury, and was in a coma for four weeks. Doctors told her mum that she only had a 10 per cent of surviving the injury.

Thankfully Brie started to show signs of improvement, and she eventually woke up. Although she suffered amnesia when she woke up, she started to piece together the events of the evening.

Her mobile phone was returned to her, but what she found on it was heartbreaking. Her partner, who she had been living with, reportedly blocked her on social media and ghosted her completely.

She also found a text from his new girlfriend, which informed Brie that he had moved in with her and her son and to not speak to him.

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Brie told Mirror;

"I have not heard from him since I have been in hospital, he's completely and utterly left me in the dust. So I don't even have closure as to why this happened."

Five months after the accident, Brie who was left with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), was able to fly home to Australia to be with her family.

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