Kanye West jokes about how I fu**ed with Kim Kardashian first – The Game


Kanye West jokes about how I fu**ed with Kim Kardashian first - The Game

Rapper, The Game has claimed that Kanye West jokes about him dating Kim Kardashian before she married Kanye West.

In 2019, The Game, a long time collaborator and friend of Kanye, explicitly rapped about having sex with the famous reality T.V. star and entrepreneur on a song titled Kim Kardashian in 2019.

“I should apologize cause Ye my folks, n####” . He also later rapped about making Kylie Jenner “Frosted Flakes” when she woke up.

Now in a new interview with Complex, the West Coast rapper has spoken about how he and Ye addressed the issue.

“Anytime I’ve ever needed Ye, he’s always been there for me,” The Game explained to Chris “Speedy” Morman.

“And this is after I’ve disrespected, you know, his marriage at times by saying what me and Kim used to be and all of this stuff.”

The Game says Kanye never let it come between them and was good-natured about it.

“Even Ye would joke about it,” Game said. “I sit with Ye, and he’s like, ‘oh s###. Well damn, you f##### with Kim first,’ and I’ll be like, ‘n#### we in a room full of people’,” he said.

When asked “Is that awkward for you when that happens?” The Game recalled it was initially.

“The first time, the first two times, it was kind of awkward,” he said. However, “now it’s just like Ye being honest and it’s all good,” he added.

The Game then explained there’s a high likelihood of meeting people in the industry with similar dating histories.

“Everybody that you date, if you go outside and meet a girl today, she has a history,” The Game said.

“She dated somebody. If I seen you with a girl I used to date, the next time I see you, I be like, ‘Yo, Speedy, she like it from the side.’ You feel me? I want to make sure it’s good, that you last in there, you know what I’m sayin’?”

“My brother could date a girl that I used to be with and I would be just fine with it,” he added.

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