“Meghan Markle would be damned to hell if Archie did this” reactions trail video of Prince Louis shutting his mother’s mouth and pulling his cousin’s hair (video)


"Meghan Markle would be damned to hell if Archie did this" reactions trail video of Prince Louis shutting his mother's mouth and pulling his cousin's hair (video)

A video of a restless Prince Louis acting out at the Royal parade has led to comparisons between how the British media reports on Kate Middleton’s life and on Meghan Markle.

A video from the Royal pageant which held on Sunday, June 5, shows Kate Middleton and Prince William’s youngest son, Prince Louis, growing restless and taking it out on those around him.

He was seen trying to cover his mum’s mouth and blowing raspberries as his mother tried to make him behave.

He also upturned his nose with his thumb at his mother.

He was later seen pulling his cousin’s hair.

There was also an encounter with his uncle Mike Tindall who could be seen jokily warning the 4-year-old to behave.

The British media shared the video of Prince Louis and described it as “cheeky” and “hilarious”, while adding that he “stole the show”.

When the video went viral, British-Nigerian political activist, Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, said if it had been Archie who behaved like Prince Louis, his mother Meghan Markle would have been eviscerated by the media and her parenting skills would have been questioned.

Watch the video below.

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