Mexican singer, Yrma Lydya, 21, who was shot dead by her 79-year-old husband, had been trying to divorce him for months


Mexican singer, Yrma Lydya, 21, who was shot dead by her 79-year-old husband, had been trying to divorce him for months

Yrma Lydya, the Mexican singer who was gunned down by her 79-year-old lawyer husband, had been trying to divorce him for two months before he ended up killing her.

The 21-year-old was dining at Suntory, a Japanese restaurant in the Mexican capital’s neighborhood of Benito Juárez when Jesús Hernández shot her inside a private room last Thursday, June 23.

Hernández and his bodyguard, Benjamin Hernández, were taken into custody at the restaurant as they attempted to flee.

Jesús Hernández reportedly tried to bribe arresting police officers into letting him go.

Mexican newspaper Excelsior reported that the late singer approached a known Mexico City law firm in April about beginning the divorce process over alleged incidents of domestic violence, providing photos of her bruised face as evidence.

Lydya filed a police report after Hernández beat her in December 2021. He had also threatened her with a gun on another occasion.

Despite the violent episodes, Lydya decided to give her marriage a second chance.

Mexico City security chief, Omar García Harfuch told Milenio news network that Jesús Hernández met with two people at the restaurant at 2pm Thursday. They left the restaurant around 6pm before Lydya arrived.

A witness told Univision news magazine Primer Impacto that Jesús Hernández shot Lydya at point blank range. The third shot he fired struck her head.

The witness sought help from a police officer who was at the restaurant and they were able to restrain Hernández.

Both Jesús Hernández and Benjamin Hernández made their initial court appearances Sunday and were ordered held in pretrial detention at a Mexico City prison while authorities continue the investigation.

Jesús Hernández’s request to be placed in home confinement because of his age was rejected by a judge at the hearing.

He pleaded not guilty and told the court he did not kill Lydya. The lawyer is expected to appear in court Thursday June 30.

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