N’de couple seen riding bike along busy street in England while waving at onlookers


Nude couple seen riding bike along busy street in England while waving at onlookers

A nkd couple were filmed riding through a busy town centre on a tandem bike over the Jubilee weekend and waved for the cameras.

Passersby on Lord Street in Southport saw the couple around 7pm on June 4.

Sharon Rimmer, who was in the passenger seat of a car that drove past the nde pair, managed to capture a video of them.

Speaking to the Liverpool ECHO, she said: “We were driving through Southport town centre last night at about 7.15pm down Lord Street. We slowed down to ask them what they were doing and they said they were cycling from Land’s End to John o’Groats for charity.”

The couple’s bike ride through Southport was a practice ahead of their big ride to raise money for Rewilding Britain, which works at “restoring ecosystems” to a point where nature can maintain itself again, as well as for the mental health charity MIND.

The people involved are from the naturist group Free Wilders who encourage rewilding across the country.

The 1000 miles nkd for Rewild Britain and MIND will take place later in the month, with two people cycling north to south and two others cycling south to north in a bid to raise as much money as possible.

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