Snake bites woman in eye socket as she opens her front door


Snake bites woman in eye socket as she opens her front door

A woman is fortunate to have survived after she got bitten by a snake when she opened her front door.

The snake had wrapped itself around a “God bless America” hanger and struck when Mara Jo Thomas opened the door to her Kentucky home.

It bit her above her eye, causing her to bleed.

The mum-of-three recounted the story on Facebook, saying: “There is seriously never a dull moment in my life!

“Today, I got bit by a snake just a little above my eye. Kenley was outside and saw it and started screaming bloody murder, so of course I open the door and boom – it got me!

“Thankfully it wasn’t venomous and it didn’t get my actual eye!

“Poor K&M have helped me through a gallbladder attack and a snake bite! No telling what will happen next.”

She took herself to the hospital to check out the bite but she didn’t need any anti-venom and no treatment was necessary.

It is unclear what happened to the snake, but Mara added: “I’ll never have another door hanger.”

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