The 4 Persons You Need To Become, To Be The Most Important Person In The Life of Your Partner


While you can actually become the most important person in the life of your partner, rightly become such person. Don’t fight for it and force it on your lover, you have to earn the most revered position in the place of service

1. Best Friend

It is a good sign that you are best friend to your partner. This is the most important person you can ever be to them, never give room to become just a partner in the capacity of an ordinary friend. Being best friend to each other says a lot. It means you spend the biggest chunk of your time with each other … it means you have gone through thick and thin together (and still ready to take on another) … it tells that you know each other dark secrets and you still choose to be together.

It is not easy to become this to/for your partner, it takes an enviable work of consistency with all intents of heart. Your heart will never travel away from each other if you are best of bests to each other. You are not afraid to be with them when you are on your low, you can behave silly while with them without feeling insecure. They know the real you and they love you just like you are, even though you are both working on some improvements together.

2. Resource Person

Becoming this is another important person you have to become in the life of your partner. Who do they run to whenever they are in need of counsels, professional tips, some money, and the know-hows of making things happen. Everyone will, at a point, be stranded of one thing or the other. The first name/person that comes to mind when in need is your resource person. As a lover to your partner, you should not fall short of this category.

As time rolls by, you would learn reason why you need to listen to some news all because of your partner, you would have to see some movies, read some books so that you would not leave your romantic partner stranded when they reach out to you. After all, you would not like to tell them “I don’t know what you/we can do.” Say this more than two times consecutively and they will stop sharing their concerns with you, which is definitely not a good omen for you.

Now that you are in love, the life you live is not only yours, you share enough of your life for your partner. You will undertake many things to provide some comforts for the love of your heart. So, your continual growth on all sides is paramount. Be ready to be a resource person for your lover (first, in the little way you can, then as your growth comes along).

3. Sibling They Never Had

How sweet it is when your romantic partner acknowledges you to be a brother or sister they never had. It is a great milestone on your part. When you learn brotherhood or sisterhood, you will come to realize why you have to be a brother or sister to your romantic partner.

Don’t think it is a vain word when you read “be your brother’s/sister’s keeper.” One of the bonds that should be between you as romantic partners is the bond of a brother/sister. Tend to your partner as if they are your sibling. Be rest assured that you are doing superbly if your partner sees you in the figure of a brother/sister, let’s say they really mean it.

4. The Best Version of Yourself

Another person you can and should become for your partner is your best – to be the best you can be. You can only give your partner the best when you are at your best, you will only drive the best out of your partner when you are at your best. What you don’t have, you can’t give.

Your partner wants [and needs] you to be the best you can be because it is another best thing that can happen to them, another best gift you can give them and your children. Many things would work and become better when you are at your best. You pull your partner up when you do, and you will successfully maintain [relate] with your partner in the best way possible. Your relationship with your partner will function better too.

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