Update: Qatari princess lay dead from suspected overdose for four days guarded by her Pomeranian dog


Update: Qatari princess lay dead from suspected overdose for four days guarded by her Pomeranian dog

The former Qatari princess who died of a suspected overdose after fighting a toxic custody battle over her daughters, reportedly laid dead from suspected overdose for four days guarded by her Pomeranian dog.

Kasia Gallanio, 45, whose billionaire ex-husband is the uncle of the current Emir of Qatar was found dead in her bed last Sunday May 29, in her luxury £2 million penthouse.

According to MailOnline, shortly before she died, she sent a video to her devoted cleaner Teodora Poma showing bags of clothes that she wanted to gift to her.

Bolivian-born. Ms. Poma, 43, now believes that her employer might have made the gesture to say farewell to her, knowing that she was possibly going to take her own life.

Ms Galliano also asked her and a colleague to come round and clean her seventh-flooroor apartment in the upmarket Spanish resort of Puerto Banus near Marbella. But when Ms Poma tried to message her back to confirm arrangements to come round on Monday this week, she got no reply.

She now believes it was because her socialite employer was already lying dead inside her home.

MailOnline also revealed that Ms. Gallanio’s devoted pet Pomeranian dog called Honey was with her when she died. The dog has now been returned to her daughters.

Ms Poma said. Ms Gallanio went to Paris in April this year to fight her ex-husband Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al Thani, 73, for the custody of their three daughters, two twins aged 17 and a 15-year-old girl.

But a French court ruled the girls should stay in France where their billionaire father lives after reportedly hearing that. Ms Gallanio was prone to nervous breakdowns and had visited detox clinics in her battle against alcohol use.

The court heard allegations that the prince had sexually abused one of his daughters, although he fiercely denied the claims, according to reports the in French newspaper Le Parisien.

The Paris Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into the claims that the girl was abused between the ages of nine and 15, and forced to sometimes share a bed with her father.

Other friends of Ms Gallanio are said to have dismissed claims that she drank or took drugs, and say that she lived a healthy lifestyle, enjoying yoga and running.

Ms. Poma was taking time off work to undergo medical treatment for a liver condition in hospital by the time her employer had returned to Spain.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the heartbroken cleaner said: ‘She was giving me a lot of moral support to get me through this treatment.

‘She was a really lovely person, very loving and a real fighter for her daughters. She was always saying that she wanted to be with her daughters and she loved them very much.

‘But because the girls were with the father, she could not see them for long periods.

‘When I was in hospital, she sent me a video showing stuff she wanted to give me. It was bags of clothes. She always used to give me stuff when she cleaned a wardrobe out.

‘She might have been saying goodbye by trying to give me all this stuff.

‘Kasia told me that she was going through all this trouble with the court case. She didn’t want to share all the details and I didn’t ask.

‘She was in quite a good mood, but my colleague and I could tell she was depressed. She wasn’t right.

‘At the last minute she asked if we could come back this week to get her flat sorted and I said I would try and organise it.

‘After that, she didn’t answer. I didn’t hear from her again. I sent a message and didn’t get a reply so I imagined that she might have gone back to Paris or somewhere.

‘When she didn’t reply, I thought, “What has happened here?”, but then I thought she had gone to see her daughters.’

Ms Poma said she was shocked to be told that her friend and employer had died.

Ms Gallanio who grew up in Los Angeles was found dead after one of her daughters alerted Spanish police after trying in vain to contact her mother for four days from Paris.

A porter with access to the penthouse unlocked the door for two police officers who discovered her at around 8 am on Sunday.

Forensic tests on Ms. Gallanio’s body are said to have been hampered by her having been dead for four days in her home in the Playas del Duque complex, a minute’s walk from the Puerto Banus marina packed with multi million pound yachts.

Spanish media has reported that she is believed to have had alcohol and ‘other substances’ in her body, suggesting that she had overdosed.

A spokesperson for Marbella Police revealed her death was not being treated as suspicious, saying: ‘The police investigating this case are not looking for any other suspects.’

She added: ‘The autopsy into the death of Kasia Gallanio was opened on Tuesday.

‘So far there has been no result. Reports in the media saying that forensic personnel have found alcohol or other substances have not been substantiated by official sources.’

Ms Gallanio’s twin daughters and her French lawyer Sabrina Boesch flew from Paris on Monday to identify her body.

One of the girls was seen visiting her mother’s penthouse on Wednesday morning before leaving in tears and being driven away in a chauffeur-driven car.

Ms Boesch told Le Parisien that her client had been left ‘devastated’ by the custody proceedings and revelations in court.

She said: ‘I think that, above all, she has died of grief’.

Ms Gallanio gave an interview in April, describing her life as like living in a ‘golden cage’, saying how she wanted freedom from her ex-husband.

She told Women’s World: ‘Money is a curse because it isolates you from a lot of people. It’s a different world.’

The former princess revealed she even had to sell her own jewellery as a result of her long and bitter divorce, despite living in her luxury penthouse.

She said: ‘I get criticised that I want money but I have to take care of my kids

‘Abdelaziz likes to control me through the children which I think is not very polite and only hurts them.’

Talking about the alleged abuse of her daughter she added: ‘Power, diplomatic immunity and money shouldn’t allow you to be able to do things above the law.

‘I hope it’s not true however when my daughter says it, I do believe my daughter

‘It’s a horrible story, something that hit me very hard. It’s every mother’s nightmare.’

French media reports have claimed Abdelaziz made his daughters sleep in the servants quarters of his palatial 50,000-square-foot Parisian home in the eighth arrondissement after they visited their mother until they apologised.

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