Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive


Work on your poise: dress well to be addressed well. Treat everyone with honour and respect, don’t look down on them. The more you do this, the more they commit themselves to you and spend more time with you. Be a person of good character to promote and preserve your personality. Your usage of words is very important. The way you use your words is what you should take note of, words can win people to your side more than you think.

2. Be Valuable

Be of good service to others, one of the ways to make yourself more attractive to others is when they can count on you. You have to be a person of action that gives good values. Always be ready to offer something to people in your little capacity, the grateful ones in your circle will adore you more for helping them out in one way or the other.

More than the life you have, the life you give sets you up faster and attracts worthy people faster to you. This starts from the place of responsibilities, when people know too well that you are responsible, they come around and would not turn down the opportunity to have a thing with you. Be full of essence and you will be essential.

3. Don’t Forget The Basics

You never know how little things make big differences. Don’t be too familiar with people in your life to take them for granted (or what they do for you).). Stay humble, and be appreciative. Basic statements such as “Thank You” and “Please” should not always be lost in statements you give. Remember to return what you borrow, don’t play people and live true.

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