Actor Hugo Speer ‘sacked from the Disney+ reboot for inviting woman into his trailer while completely naked


Actor Hugo Speer 'sacked from the Disney+ reboot for inviting woman into his trailer while completely naked

Full Monty star, Hugo Speer has reportedly been sacked from the Disney+ reboot after allegedly inviting woman into his trailer while completely naked.

The British actor, 53, who played Guy in the 1997 British comedy, had his contract terminated with ‘immediate’ effect after allegedly gesturing a runner in her twenties to enter his trailer while he had no clothes on, according to The Sun.

The publication reports that the horrified woman reported Speers’ actions to show bosses, who took immediate action.

Hugo, who has been married to Glaswegian actress Vivienne Harvey since 2015, denies the claims.

It was also gathered that Hugo had been previously warned about walking around his trailer while naked before he eventually got the axe after allegedly inviting in a woman.

Defending his actions, The Sun reported that Hugo said to producers: ‘All actors walk around their trailer stark b****** naked.’

However, following an investigation, Disney+ reportedly decided to fire the actor, who starred in the original movie 25 years ago.

A source told the publication: ‘Speer’s sacking has absolutely rocked the cast and crew. But he’d already been warned for supposedly walking around his trailer naked.’

They continued: ‘He claimed his towel had slipped from his waist when he opened the door to a woman runner. But there was no sign of anything to hide his modesty, and he apparently fully exposed himself to the girl before beckoning her inside.

‘The woman was horrified and did not consider entering his trailer for a second. She was upset, and then angry, and had no hesitation in reporting his behaviour.’

A Disney+ representative told MailOnline: ‘Recently, we were made aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct by Hugo Speer on the set of a commissioned production. As is policy, an investigation was launched. Upon its completion, the decision was made to terminate his contract, with immediate effect.’

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