Couple strip off for picnic at Brit beauty spot


Couple strip off for picnic at Brit beauty spot

A couple surprised locals by stri.pping nkd for a picnic.

The fully nkd couple were seen in broad daylight sitting on a blanket placed on the grass.

Visitors to a popular picnic area in Blackburn, Lancashire, spotted the nkd couple on Pleasington Hill, with a Sainsbury’s bag filled with food and drink.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, the man and woman were seen on Sunday, July 10.

Sensitive image

They seemed not to care about other locals as they picnicked in the

One anonymous person who spotted them told local news: “It is not what you want to see when you are out enjoying the scenic spot.

“I was a bit shocked to see this. There were children walking past and some families.

“It is too much to ask to at least cover your pri.vate par.ts.”

Sensitive image

While another commented: “It’s not that hot is it?

“I would like to think people can wear the bare minimum during the hot weather.

“I think some people don’t realise what they are doing once they have had a few drinks in the summer sun.”

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